About Us

Welcome to L.E. Gable Middle School Online!

The Gable Middle School Bucks are a diverse and goal oriented group of students, faculty and staff dedicated to education, character development and raising social consciousness.


Grades 6-8
Total Enrollment:  850

Our Mission

L. E. Gable Middle School is committed to providing each student a safe and positive learning environment that incorporates first class facilities with modern technology and resources - all serving to empower, encourage, and stimulate students to achieve their highest potential.

Our Vision

The faculty and staff's instructional focus is to align students for success in high school and to graduate on-time by preparing them to become college, career and citizenship ready.

Our Beliefs

At L.E. Gable Middle School we believe:

Students are the central focus of a school community where learning is the first priority.
Teachers, administrators, parents, and students—the school community—share responsibility for improving and directing the educational process.
Awareness of individual and cultural differences helps to bring harmony and strength to our community.
Curriculum and instructional practices that utilize challenging learning experiences reflect an understanding of a diverse student population.
A supportive and challenging learning environment promotes independent decision-making and provides opportunities for students to develop positive self-esteem, self-discipline, self-respect, and a sense of moral and personal responsibility.
Mutual respect and responsibility among members of the school community foster a positive self-image that contributes to the success of each student—preparing the student to become a productive citizen and life-long learner.